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About Us

The Consulate General of The Republic of Indonesia Los Angeles is charged to maintain the bilateral relationship between Indonesia and United States, as well as to serve the Indonesian Communities within 8 accreditation States in the U.S.: Arizona, Southern California, Colorado, Hawaii, Montana, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, as well as several islands in the Pacific within the U.S. administration (i.e. Guam, American Samoa etc).
The consular mission has been established for almost 30 years in the heart of Los Angeles since September 1980.
Since then, the following Consuls General have led the Consulate:
1. Consul General Noor Handono (1980-1982),
2. Consul General Haringun Hardjotanojo (1982-1985),
3. Consul General Poerwanto Soedalto (1986-1988),
4. Consul General Abdul Irsan (1988-1989),
5. Consul General Djunaedi Soetisnawinata (1989-1992),
6. Consul General Haridadi Soedjono (1992-1995),
7. Consul General Bambang Indro Yuwono (1995-1999),
8. Consul General Aang Yamani, (1999-2002),
9. Consul General Handriyo Kusumo Priyo (2003-2006),
10. Consul General Subijaksono Sujono (Since March 2007 – August 2010),
11. Consul General Hadi Martono (September 2010 – Present).
The members of the Indonesian community in the accreditation states of the Consulate in Los Angeles are the largest in the United States.
The Consulate caters to the needs of the Indonesian Community generally in immigration and consular issues.
Programs that promote the bilateral relationship between Indonesia and the U.S. as well as services given to the Indonesian Community are usually done with the aid of local Indonesian community groups as well as local Indonesian scholars.
To manage and enhance trade, promotion, as well as investment cooperation with local Governmental Agencies and local businesses the Indonesia Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) and Indonesian Investment Promotion Center (IIPC) also established offices in Los Angeles.
Tourism and Cultural promotions are also done through synergic cooperation with local institutions.
The Government of the Republic if Indonesia sees the City of Los Angeles as a prime channel of trade, for it is the trade gateway from Asia Pacific and the United States and vice versa.

Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia in Los Angeles

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