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Indonesian and Malaysian Police Department Increase Cooperation to Face New Forms of Threat

Saturday, 04 December 2010

"Protap (Standard Operating Procedure) Malindo No. 15 arranges police cooperation between the two countries in the field of law enforcement and crime preventions," said theIndonesian Police Chief, Timur Pradopo, in a joint-press conference held after the signing of Protap Malindo No. 15, in Bukit Aman, Kuala Lumpur (3 / 12).


Law enforcements particularly cover trans-national crimes such as drug smuggling and counter-terrorism. Meanwhile, crime preventions comprise the exchange of information between the police of both countries.

The Malaysian Police Chief, Tan Sri Ismail Omar, added that the Protap Malindo No. 15 will facilitate a better coordination and communication between the Malaysian Police Department (PDRM) and the Indonesian Police Department (Polri) to secure the land and sea borders area between the two countries from transnational crimes.

The SOP includes 5 forms of cooperation: joint water patrols between Indonesian Marine Police and Malaysian Marine Operations Force (PGM); cooperation in the field of communication between Polri and PDRM; organized joint land patrol activities  between Indonesia's Police Regional Command (Polda) of East Kalimantan and Malaysia's Sabah Police Contingent; organized joint land patrol activities  between Indonesia's Police Regional Command (Polda) of West Kalimantan and Malaysia's Sarawak Police Contingent; and cooperation between Polri and PDRM to handle various kinds of crimes.


The signing of Protap Malindo No. 15 between Polri and PDRM was an effort from the police department of both countries to renew the cooperation to be able to face new forms of emerging threats.


Protap Malindo was established in 1972, during the establishment of the Malaysia-Indonesia General Border Committee. As the forms of threats developed from communism and traditional crimes into terrorism and trans-national crimes, the need to renew the existing protap is considered important.

In the press conference, the topic of the arrest of Fadli Sadama, an Indonesian citizen suspected for terrorism and was apprehended recently by PDRM, was also raised. The Malaysian Police Chief said that the arrest demonstrated a great cooperation and collaboration between Polri and PDRM. Furthermore, he also stated that the suspect will be handed over to Indonesia. It was also stated that Sadama was not a member of a new terrorist cell. (Source: The Embassy of Indonesia in Kuala Lumpur)

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