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Consular and Visa Services

Visa Procedures

Consular Hours

Monday to Thursday   :   10:00 AM—12:00 PM           ————      

Friday  :   10:00 AM—12:00 PM        02:00 PM—04:00 PM



Processing                         :  2 (two) working days provided that all requirements have been fulfilled (4 - 6 weeks if approval from the Indonesian Immigration office is required)


Required documentation to be submitted to this office :


1. Validity of the passport must be valid at least 6 month for Single Visa and 18 month for Multiple entry  Visa.

2. Two (2) passport size color photograph (2”x2”). 

3. Two (2) application forms completely filled out and signed by applicant (application forms may reproduce). Application forms can be obtained at this office.

4. Copy of ID or Driver License.

5. A Letter from Sponsor stating the purpose of travel and financial responsibility.

6. Copy of Return Ticket or itinerary to and from Indonesia.

7. For Tourist Visa, require Copy of Bank statement or cash money  in the amount of one thousand dollars or more.

8. First time applicant for Multiple entry visa requires an approval  from the  Immigration office in Jakarta.


Applicant traveling for business need:


a. A Letter from the local employer guaranteeing travel expenses, and specifying name and address of the company to be visited and the purpose of trip.

b. A Letter of immigration from Indonesian company confirming the purpose of the business trip.


Visa Fees : ( Effective from June 10 , 2009)    


Multiple Visa                                              US $ 100.00      

Single Visa up to 60 Days                       US $   45.00                                


Temporary Stay Visa:                                                                  

                                a. up to 6 (six) Months          US $   50.00

                                b. up to 1 (one) Year              US $ 100.00

                                c. up to 2 (two) Years            US $ 175.00


Transit  Visa :                                             US $   20.00


The fees are payable in Money Order or  Company Checks only


*** An additional fee  of $ 5.00 will be required if an approval from the Ministry of  Justice and Human Right is needed.



Visa on arrival :                 

a. 7 (seven) days                      US $   10.00           

b. 30 (thirty) days                     US $   25.00


Visa on arrival is not extendable and issued by the Immigration Officer at the  Airport in Indonesia for citizens from certain countries  including the US.


The Consulate General of the Republic Indonesia will process visa presented personally, through an agent or by mail. If you wish to receive your passport endorsed with the visa by mail please provide a self addressed pre-stamped envelope ( Express Mail, FEDEX , Air Borne, UPS, etc). Regular mail is not  accepted and the Consulate is not be responsible for loss or any problem related to the mailing of the passport.


Indonesian Visa is valid for three (3) month/ 90 days from the date of issuance————

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