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Hasil Rekapitulasi Penghitungan Suara Pemilu Legislatif 2014 di Canberra, Australia
Tuesday, 15 Apr 2014
KBRI Canberra telah mengadakan penghitungan suara melalui TPS pada tanggal 9 April 2014 dan penghitungan suara melalui pos pada 14 April 2014 untuk pemilihan umum legislatif tahun 2014.
Friday, 11 Apr 2014
Diberitahukan kepada masyarakat Indonesia di ACT dan sekitarnya bahwa penghitungan suara melalui Pos Pemilu Legislatif di KBRI Canberra akan dilangsungkan pada Hari Senin, Tanggal 14 April 2014 pukul 18.00- selesai di KBRI Canberra. Demikian disampaikan, atas perhatiannya diucapkan terimakasih
The Counting of the Votes of 2014 Indonesian Legislative Election in Australia
Thursday, 10 Apr 2014
Votes in the polling station of 2014 Indonesian legislative election in Australia have been counted on Tuesday, 9 April 2014.
Wednesday, 09 Apr 2014
Diberitahukan kepada masyarakat Indonesia di ACT dan sekitarnya bahwa penghitungan suara Pemilu Legislatif di TPS KBRI Canberra akan dilangsungkan pada Hari Rabu, Tanggal 9 April 2014 pukul 18.00- selesai di KBRI Canberra.
Indonesian Legislative Election in Australia
Monday, 07 Apr 2014
The Indonesian legislative election has been successfully held in Australia.
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Indonesia's Ambassador to Norway Presented His Credentials to King Harald V

Friday, 07 Mar 2014

​​At 11.00 sharp on Thursday (6/3/104), RI Ambassador to Norway, Yuwono A. Putranto, presented his credentials to the Head of State of Norway, King Harald V, at the Norwegian Royal Palace. RI Ambassador was the first to be received by King Harald V. On the day, King Harald V received four Ambassadors, namely from Indonesia, Turkey, Mongolia, and Uganda.

Indonesia Calls For Maximum Restraint and Peaceful Settlement in Ukraine

Tuesday, 04 Mar 2014

Indonesia has been deeply concerned by the worsening situation in Ukraine, which had escalated'from what had initially been an internal political instability within the country to an international crisis which threatens not only the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine, but also risks raising tensions in the relations between the affected countries. Indonesia's concern is stated by Minister Marty M. Natalegawa in Jakarta (04/03).

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