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Visa Information

Visa Information

Visas of the Republic of Indonesia :

A Visa of the Republic of Indonesia may be issued in the form of an official stamp, a sheet of paper inserted into or attached to a passport, an ordinary card, or an electronic card. The type of visa issued shall be based on the visa application.

A Diplomatic Visa or a Service Visa shall only be issued to the bearer of a Diplomatic Passport or a Service Passport. Applications for Diplomatic or Service Visas should be accompanied by diplomatic letters or official letters.

Visa applications may be done by proxy, except for Diplomatic or Service Visa applications.

A visa application should be submitted to an Embassy or Consular Office of the Republic of Indonesia or other official designated by Government of the Republic of Indonesia.

Visas shall be used within 90 (ninety) days, calculated from the date of issuance. Any foreign national who fails to use a visa within this designated period of time must submit a re-application for a new visa.

Competent Authorities and Officials :

The Immigration Attache at an Embassy or Consular Office of the Republic of Indonesia or other designated official (hereafter, Visa Officer) is authorized to issue or reject Diplomatic or Service Visa applications in accordance with the decision of the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

The Visa Officer is authorized to issue or refuse requests for Transit Visas, Visit Visas, and Limited Stay Visas in accordance with the decision of the Director General of Immigrationon on behalf of the Minister of Justice.

The Director General of Immigration may fully authorize the Visa Officer to issue or reject applications for Transit Visas or Visit Visas.

The Visa Officer shall have the full authority to grant a visa to a foreign national who is in possession of a national passport or other valid travel document.

The Visa Officer, upon the approval of the Director General of Immigration, shall grant a visa to an individual not in possession of a national passport or other travel document (a stateless person).

Admission to Indonesia remains under the authority of the Immigration Officer at the port of entry.

For urgent cases, a Transit Visa or a Visit Visa may be issued at an Immigration Check Point.

General Visa Requirements :

Visa applications should be submitted to the Visa Officer after filling out the required form.

A visa application should be submitted along with the following :
1. a valid passport (a passport is considered valid at least 6 months before its expiration);
2. a round trip or through-ticket to country of destination;
3. 2 (two) photographs, size 4 x 6 cm;
4. proof or written guarantee of possession of sufficient funds for living expenses during entire stay in Indonesia;
5. payment of the visa fee.

Related Issues :
New Visa Regulation

In December 2003, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia issued new Visa regulations.
I. Presidential Decree No. 18/2003 juncto President Decree No. 103/2003 regulates Short Visit Free Visa Facilities.
a. Valid for the citizen of:
- Brunei Darussalam
- Chile
- Hongkong SAR
- Macao
- Malaysia
- Morocco
- Peru
- Philippines
- Singapore
- Thailand
- Vietname

b. The maximum period permitted to stay is 30 ( thirty ) days.
c. This Visa neither be extended and nor be converted into other status of immigration permit. d. This Visa is valid for tourism, social culture visit, business visit and government duties. e. In case of natural disaster, accident or illness, this permit can be extended by approval of the Minister of Justice and Human Rights.
II. The Regulation of the Minister of Justice and Human Rights No. M.02.IZ.01.10 / 2007 regulates the Visa On Arrival (VOA) facilities for the following countries as of 28 May 2007.
Valid for the citizens of:
- Aljazair
- Argentina
- Australia
- Austria
- Bahrain
- Belgium
- Brazil
- Bulgary
- Canada
- Cambodia
- Czech Republic
- Cyprus
- Denmark
- Egypt
- Estonia
- Fiji
- France
- Maldives, The
- Monaco
- Mexico
- Malta
- Netherlands, The
- Norway
- New Zealand
- Oman
- Panama
- People’s Republic of China
- Poland
- Portugal
- Qatar
- Romania
- Russia
- Chinese Taipei ( Taiwan)
- Saudi Arabia
- South Africa
- South Korea
- Spain
- Sweden
- Switzerland
- Suriname
- Slovakia
- Slovenia
- Tunisia
- United Arab Emirates
- United Kingdom
- United States of America

a. The VOA facilities permit a minimum period of stay of 7 (seven) days and a maximum period of stay of 30 (thirty) days.
b. The VOA cannot be extended or be converted into another immigration permit status.
c. The VOA is valid only for visits of tourism, social culture and business natures as well as for government assignments. Employment is not permitted.
d. In case of natural disaster, accident or illness , the VOA can be extended upon approval by he Director General of Immigration / Department of Jutice and Human Rights.
e. Entrance and departure may be effected only via the following ports :

- Soekarno Hatta – Jakarta
- Halim Perdana Kusumah – Jakarta
- Sam Ratulangi – Manado
- Adisumarmo – Surakarta
- Adisucipto – Yogyakarta
- Juanda – Surabaya
- Polonia – Medan
- Sultan Syarif Kasim II – Pekanbaru
- Tabing – Padang
- Ngurah Rai – Bali
- Selaparang – Mataram
- Sepinggan – Balikpapan
- El Tari – Kupang
- Hasanuddin – Makassar

f. Seaport:
- Sekupang, Batu Ampar, Nongs, Marina Teluk Senimba
- Bandan Bintan Telani Lagoi, Bandar Sri Udana Lobam – Tanjung Uban
- Sri Bintan Pura – Tanjung Pinang
- Belawan – Medan
- Sibolga
- Yos Sudarso – Dumai – Riau
- Teluk Bayur – Padang
- Tanjung Priuk – Jakarta
- Padang Bai – Benoa Bali
- Jayapura – Papua
- Bitung – Manado
- Tanjung Balai Karimun – Riau
- Tanjung Mas – Semarang
- Tenau – Kupang
- Pare-pare
- Soekarno Hatta – Makassar
- Maumere – Nusa Tenggara Timur

g. Fees for Visa On Arrival :
For a 7 (seven) day visit = USD 10
For a 30 (thirty) day visit = USD 25

Please note: Other nationals without residence permit in Thailand must apply for a visa at Indonesian Embassies or Consulates in their home country.

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