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Transkripsi Menteri Luar Negeri

Transkripsi Pernyataan Pers Bersama Menlu RI-Korsel

Rabu, 21 Januari 2009

Jakarta, 21 Januari 2009

[Awal joint press conference]
[Awal transkripsi]

Menlu RI: Your Excellency the Minister of Foreign Affairs the Republic of Korea and colleagues of Mr. Yu Myung-hwan, and friends from the mass media. Indeed this is a great honor and pleasure for me to welcome His Excellency Mr. Yu Myung-hwan, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Korea on his working visit to Indonesia.

We’ve met several times last year since the appointment of Minister Yu as the Foreign Minister of the Republic of Korea on the margin of numbers of international meetings. Last one was in Washington on the margin of the G-20 meeting that I found to strengthen the bilateral relations between our two countries and people. South Korea is an important partner of Indonesia. In 2005 we established strategic partnership between Indonesia and South Korea, meaning an agreement at the highest level to expand and deepen the bilateral relations between our two countries and peoples.

There has been frequent meetings and exchange of visits at the highest level. President Yudhoyono has met the President of Korea three times last year, and likewise Vice President Jusuf Kalla visited South Korea. In addition of more frequent visit or exchange of visit at the ministerial level, in addition to the level of Foreign Minister, we have established mechanism to strengthen our bilateral relations.

Following the agreements on strategic partnership between Indonesia and Korea, we established an eminent person groups comprising eminent persons from Indonesia and from Korea to make a study in the view to give advice and recommendations how to strengthen the bilateral relations further. We have agreed that we should soon discuss with the view to a degree on a plan of actions on the implementation of strategic partnerships between Indonesia and Korea.

At that Korea is an important partner to Indonesia. Last year our bilateral trade reached in amount of US$ 18 billion, quite an increase from the year of 2007. Last year Korean companies invested of some US$ 300 million in Indonesia. But Korea is also an important partner in development cooperation as Korea is increasing its development assistance. Indonesia is an important recipient in that development cooperation that Korea extended to many countries. Tourism last year, according to our statistics, in fact in 2007 there was close to 330,000 Korean tourists visiting Indonesia. We have now 26,000 workers working in South Korea and even bigger numbers, 30,000 workers and more business from Korea are working here in Indonesia. We have that statistics to tell you how important our bilateral relations.

In addition to our bilateral efforts to increase our bilateral trade and presence, we are working also on the ASEAN Agreement on Free Trade Area (FTA) of goods which was signed in 2006, and has entered into force in June 2007 and at the agreement of services which was signed last year. We are still negotiating between ASEAN and Korea on Free Trade Area on the area of investment.

Certainly the agreement on Free Trade Area signed in by ASEAN and South Korea would eventually the same time improve our bilateral trade and investment relations with Korea. But as we agreed to expand our bilateral—expand and deepen—all of the aspect of our bilateral relations with Korea, I should mention that our cooperation in energy sectors has been very active.

So, we have Korea-Indonesia energy forums, in addition to the task force on trade and business. But we also developed an excellent cooperations in the area of, in our efforts, to mitigate climate change. We have developed cooperation in the area of aforestation, deforestation, reforestation and clean and… on CBM. And I should like to mention that we have, we are working now on the process of reforestation and CBM involving an area of 500,000 hectares of reforestation including rain forests in Java, Kalimantan and Sumatra.

To support the South Korean initiative on Asia Pacific Climate partnership, being the host of Bali Climate Change Conference last year, Indonesia is keen to promoting regional and international cooperation to mitigate climate change. And I think the initiative of the Republic of Korea on Asia Pacific climate partnerships is a very important one we support. The Republic of Korea is also important partner of ASEAN. We are working and supporting for South Korea to host the ASEAN-Korea Commemorative Summit which planned to be held in June this year.

The greater interaction of ASEAN and Korea is also reflected to the decisions of the Republic of Korea to appoint their permanent representative to ASEAN this year in Jakarta. We welcome the  decision. But also that all ten countries of ASEAN have agreed  with the Republic of Korea and the establishment of the Korean-ASEAN center to be based in Seoul as the center for promoting a greater cooperation between ASEAN and Korea. The center will be launched in March this year. Of course as our bilateral meeting just concluded, we also discussed other regional and global issues of concern.

I’m grateful for the greeting that my colleague, Foreign Minister Yu, has extended to me on the latest development on the discussion on the nuclear issue of North Korea. We just conducted under the six party talks mechanism, and very much encourage for the confidence of the government of North Korea, rather of South Korea, and other partners in the six party talks. On the continuing process of the six party talks, including the meeting of working groups we have next month.

These are some points which I wish to share with you. Points that we discussed and in many ways we are in agreement. We share the importance of strengthening the bilateral relations between our two countries and peoples, in particular under the strategic partnership as an umbrella for our endeavour. Your excellency, Foreign Minister Yu. Thank you.

Menlu Korea Selatan: Thank you, Mr. Minister. Good morning ladies and gentlement. First of all, I would like to express my very heartfelt appreciation to Mr. Hassan Wirajuda and the government of Indonesia for the warm welcome accorded to me and my delegation. It is a great pleasure indeed for me to be here in Jakarta in the company of such a gracious host. Let me begin my brief remarks by emphasizing that the Republic of Korea and the Republic of Indonesia has continued to enhance our cooperation ever since over the years, since the esthablishment of our diplomatic relations in 1973.

The robust economic ties and the active exchanges between our two countries has made a strong foundation for the further development of our bilateral relations which is commemorated in the formation of our strategic partnership in 2006. Against such a background, my meeting with Mr. Hassan Wirajuda today was a very meaningful opportunity to look back on our past achievements and to seek new ways to make both the bonds of our friendships even stronger. Thus, as the minister mentioned earlier, we were able to have very candid and in-depth discussion this morning on many issues of common interest.

We noted with satisfaction the rate of increase in the volume of trade and investment between Korea and Indonesia which actively reached US$ 18 billion of trade and US$ 200 million investment in 2008. And we disscussed the means to further enhance bilateral cooperation in various areas ranging from energy cooperation, forest cooperation, and to people-to-people exchange.

And this year is particularly it marks the conscious anniversary of the establishment of the Korea-ASEAN Bilateral Partnership. In order to celebrate such an auspicious occasion, my government is now making preparations to host the Korea-ASEAN Commemorative Summit this June in Korea.

And I said to Mr. Hassan Wirajuda, the preparations for the summit and interested Indonesian government continued support for the success of this meaningful event. And this morning the minister and I had a frank discussion, not only on bilateral and regional affairs, but also on a number of international issues of common concerns and interests, including the global financial crisis, the energy situation, and climate change, to name just a few. And I’d like to depart my initial remarks here and answer any questions that you may have. Thank you very much.

Menlu RI: Thank you, Foreign Minister Yu. Any questions?

[W]: Terima kasih, Pak Menteri. Saya Asih dari SCTV. Saya ingin bertanya, pada bulan Desember lalu kalau tidak salah ada kerjasama antara Korea dan Indonesia yang program untuk membantu mengatasi masalah TKI yang di-PHK. Kalau boleh tahu bagaimana progresnya dan apakah sempat juga dibicarakan pada pertemuan tadi? Terima kasih.

Menlu RI: Sudah sejak beberapa tahun Indonesia mengirimkan tenaga kerja ke Korea yang didaftarkan pada kesepakatan untuk mereka hadir di Korea sebagai trainee, dan kita telah menyepakati kehadiran pekerja kita di Korea sebagai pekerja. Karena itu dengan upah dan perlindungan yang lebih baik. Kita sangat menghargai kesempatan yang diberikan oleh Korea bagi tenaga kerja kita untuk bekerja ke Korea, dan dengan itu juga membantu ekonomi Indonesia.

Dalam pertemuan tadi bahkan kami mendiskusikan, karena Korea, seperti juga Indonesia dan lainnya, negara lainnya menghadapi krisis finansial, maka ada kecenderungan pengurangan tenaga kerja. Dan kami appeal agar pekerja kita di Korea tidak mengalami pengurangan dalam artian lay-off, hingga dengan begitu tidak perlu pulang ke Indonesia. Hubungan kita di bidang tenaga kerja ini juga dua arah, karena di Indonesia juga kita menerima kehadiran pengusaha dan tenaga kerja Korea yang keduanya saling membantu dalam pengembangan ekonomi kita masing-masing.

[W]: Lilian dari Jakarta Post. My question are addressed to both Minister Yu and also Pak Hassan. In the media in South Korea signed strategic partnership in 2006. I would like to know how many projects have been facilitated through this partnership and how much they are worth? Is there any common new projects that already can be disclosed to the media? And my second question is about the South Korean business community in Indonesia, which involved in labor-intensive industry. With the current global crisis, Mr. Yu is going to meet with the Korean representative tonight, as I heard, and are there going to be a discussion whether how they are going to do in Indonesia? Whether they are going to put more investment here or are they going to move back? Thank you very much.

Menlu Korea Selatan: Well, the second question regarding the Korean investment in Indonesia, as you know that, we have a large Korean community in Indonesia. It is more than 30,000 Koreans living in Indonesia. We have a good contacts between our two countries. We are trying to invest in Indonesia. For example, as you know that already there are more than 1,200 Korean companies employed in here, hiring more than half a million Indonesians here. But we also want to invest in gas and energy and other natural resources areas. Good example is we are investing heavily in forestry. That’s very important, it’s a joint project between our two governments.

And also the Korean companies trying to invest in oil and gas area projects. There are many projects ongoing and already one company is producing oil, and there are many other projects to be finished within a short period of time. So, there are many potentials for both of the countries to cooperate with each other. So, the investment potential is great in Indonesia, and that’s why we care our relations with Indonesia very highly and we established, as you said, a strategic partnership in 2006. So, we are going to cooperate with each other in many areas. Thank you very much.

[W]: Thank you. This is for Mr. Yu related to the nuclear issue and the six party talks deal. So we know that recently, the South Korean nuclear envoy visited Pyongyang. And on our understanding, they went there because they are about to see about the purchase of unused nuclear fuel road as part of the six party talks deal. Maybe you can give us details, any progress about the purchasing. Thank you.

Menlu Korea Selatan: Well, unfortunately there hasn’t been much progress in the nuclear issue of North Korea. Mainly it’s because North Korea at the last meeting in December refused to a way to the very intrusive verification protocol. That was drafted by the five of us, excluding North Korea, that is very important for us to verify. But North Korea has declared regarding their nuclear program. So, it’s a kind of prerequisite for us. But unfortunately North Korea continues to resist a way on the basic principles on the verification.

And regarding the recent visit to Pyongyang was about to discuss the purchase of unused nuclear fuel road. But there has been no progress at all. But February, discussion will continue in the future. Six party talks will resume some time early this year, I think that discussion will continue again. But as of today, there hasn’t been much progress on the issue. Thank you.

[W]: I’m Marissa, from the Voice of Indonesia. My question is for Minister Yu. Do you expect the economic crisis to have an effect on Korean investment in Indonesia this year or do you expect them would withdraw?

Menlu Korea Selatan: Well, this clearly, our investment in Indonesia is a long-term one. It shouldn’t affected by short-term financial crisis worldwide. But in the short term period, I think it may affect, but I believe that as soon as we recover the international financial crisis, I think investment will continue as we planned.

Menlu Korea Selatan: Thank you very much.

Menlu RI: Thank you very much.

[Akhir joint press conference]
[Akhir transkripsi]

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